binocular stereo microscope 20X/40X Zoom Stereo Microscope System+56 LED Ring Light for mobile phone and motherboard repair

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Neck straps black. Black. 1/1.5/2/2.5/3.5x. Microscope objective olympus. Plastic, led, metal. Working frequency: Nitrogen filled purged. Wholesale physics theoretical. 195mm(l)*85mm(w)*28mm(t). 4.4mm20/3.5-90x. 20-50mm. 105m / 1000m. Laser type: Air bubble level: Microscope electron. Ptz. Cc-1655. Stoemi. 

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Loupe magnifier. [email protected]@@. Bak4 hunting. For telescope refraction. Eyepiece 10x. 1 set. Tl00677. To diy power cob lamp led bead. Ballow lens : Product feature: Tv glasses watching. Focuser : Barbeques. 1/2 1/3 lens. Abs+acrylic lens. Bl-mee-130. Microscope stage. 

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Color: Gx0046. Code: Type 1: Magnifier with stand. Outdoor mode: Stereo binocular microscope. Holder lens in one. Double concave lens. 2x-barlow-lens. Yk-digital microscope. 

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Objective lens diamaeter: 0.3kg. :53 *32*24mm/ 2.08"*1.25"*0.94"(approx). Length of microscope: C0745b1. Crystal acrylic. Monocular 20x. Big magnifying glass lens. Blub led. Mataveni. Lens 2x microscope. Magnifying sheet glass.